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Why make a will?

In many countries around the world, people do not have the right to provide how their assets will be distributed upon their death. We are lucky to have that right. In Australia we have the absolute freedom to say how our assets are to be distributed following our death. The law does not direct that… Read more »

Powers of Attorney – Can one size fit all?

When it comes to formalising Powers of Attorney, people often assume that one document can deal with financial, medical and lifestyle issues. This is incorrect. Each of these things can only be dealt with by an attorney appointed by a deed in the form specified in the relevant legislation. If you wish to appoint a… Read more »

What to do if you have been appointed as an executor of a Will

Your duties and responsibilities when appointed executor of a Will are as follows: Ascertain the whereabouts of the deceased’s last Will i.e. ensure that you are acting upon the deceased’s latest Will and not a Will which has been superseded. Identify the assets and liabilities of the deceased at the date of death and those… Read more »

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